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Type : Aluminium Suit

Description : Coat , Pants , Hood , Face Shield, Glove & Boot

Material : High temperature protective layer, Heat resistant layer, Water proof layer, Comfortable layer.

Composition : Aluminized Nomex Advance, 60% Kevlar / 40% Nomex (270gsm) / 50% FR Polyester / 50% FR Viscose left (200gsm) quilted to 50% Nomex / 50% Lenzing woven fabric (170gsm).

Weight : 3kg

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Suitable for high-temperature area in fire site. such as Metallurgy, chemical industry, special manufacturing industries.and the firefighter can rescue in 1000 centigrade degree for a short time. Protecting fireman from the fire, when they approach, when they approach the fire, high temperature, heat oven or burnt things. Suit are used for rescue operations in an area of intense heat, fire, steam, hot liquid by fire fighters in industries like Petrochemical plants, foundries, plant, steel, glass, ceramics and etc

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